Over 40 years ago, Ball Trading started as a small family shop, cutting rags using large scissors and delivering its product locally, in Brooklyn, N.Y. From the beginning, the idea of quality and consistency in our product was first and foremost. From our tiny basement shop, we walked the streets and sold our wares.As our company grew, we never wavered from our original goal.


Soon afterwards we realized that we had outgrown our facility and moved into a factory in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, where we were able to produce thousands of pounds of rags per week. Throughout New York, our message was being heard: you get what you pay for, even when it comes to rags. With a steady increase in business and continuously growing list of satisfied customers, the demand for our product became such that we again relocated, this time into our present facility where we proudly produce millions of pounds of rags yearly.


Since the introduction of safety products, gloves and paper wipers to our inventory, Ball Trading has become a full-service supplier, offering its customers one-stop shopping with competitive pricing and prompt delivery.


In our never-ending drive to separate ourselves from the rest, Ball Trading continues to put its customers needs first, maintaining the highest standards of quality control in the industry. Our wiping products undergo the strictest sorting and quality checks, to the extent of double sorting, insuring that our product is free of foreign objects. Our weights are unimpeachable. We skid and shrink-wrap boxes whenever possible. Every box is stenciled with your name and code number.


Ball Trading is constantly looking for ways to better serve its customers, searching the world market for a wider selection of high quality wipers, improved labeling systems and state of the art order entry and tracking systems to insure better service for its customers.


In rags, it is not the FIRST or second order that must meet our strict quality control standards. It is the first and EVERY order that must be consistent in quality, weight and packaging. Ball Trading continues to maintain its self-imposed standards that brought us where we are today.

Quality and consistency come first at Ball Trading

Ball Trading
266 Freeman St., Brooklyn, NY 11222
1-(800) 521-RAGS
Fax: (718) 349-2939

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